ENMU Financial Aid

ENMU Financial Aid

At ENMU (Eastern New Mexico University), the enmu financial aid policies have been designed to make sure that no ENMU students encounter money as a carrier to their education.

To find out if a student may qualify for student financial aid, it’s advisable to apply for FAFSA online.

What is a student financial aid?

Financial aid is simply student financial assistance provided via educational institutes and government funds. Students who are eligible can use financial aid at postsecondary schools such as vocational schools, college, or graduate schools.

Where does enmu financial aid come from?

The largest source of student financial aid consists of the Department of Education Federal student programs. Did you know that these programs spend more than $100 billion worth of money each year for student aids? We can categorize these financial aids into grants, work-study assistance, and loans.


ENMU Financial Aid

ENMU Financial Aid

Like any other student financial aid, ENMU financial aid can be used to cover tuition fees, boarding and room fees, transportation and traveling fees, book/supplies, and other study materials.

ENMU offers several grants, state scholarships, and loans.

ENMU Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education – (TEACH) Grant

ENMU financial aid includes TEACH grant, which provides grants up to 4000 dollars per year. The students who expect to teach students from low-income families in elementary or secondary school are eligible to apply for the TEACH grant.

TEACH grant Criteria for eligibility

  • The student must fill and complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid also known as FAFSA.
  • The student should be an U.S. citizen or You should be an eligible non-citizen.
  • Should enroll as an undergraduate in ENMU and must be accepted into the eligibal Teacher Education Program.
  • Should be enrolled in a coursework which us required to start a career in teaching or plan to complete such course.
  • Scoring above 75th percentile in a college admissions test or cumulative GPA of minimmum 3.25
  • Finally, You must sign a TEACH Grant Agreement

The teaching subject areas in favor of the TEACH grant

  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Bilingual Education and English Language Acquisition
  • Foreign Language
  • Reading Specialist
  • Special Education

Federal Pell Grant

Students who receive a Federal Pell Grant do not have to repay any amount of money they receive. To be eligible, students have to be undergraduates. And they also have yet to earn a bachelor’s degree or a professional degree to enjoy this enmu financial aid.

The maximum amount can change every year and depends on the program funding. However, the amount depends not only on your financial needs but also on your school attendance costs, your status as a full- or part-time student, and on whether you want to attend an entire school year or less.

The amount of Pell Scholarship you may be eligible for is based on the amount of Estimated Family Contribution (EFC) shown on your Student Aid Report (SAR) which is generated and emailed to you each time you complete the FAFSA report online.

Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG)

FSEOG program offered under enmu financial aid is for undergraduates, such as college students with exceptional financial needs. Pell Grant recipients (which we just explained in the above section) with the lowest expected family contributions (EFC) will first be considered for an FSEOG offer. As with Pell Grants, the FSEOG recipients do not have to repay the amount they receive.

College Affordability Grant (CAG)

The goal of the College Affordability Grant provided via enmu financial aid is to encourage financially needy New Mexico students. Those who do not qualify for any other state grant or scholarship to attend and complete a course of study at a public college or university in New Mexico unfortunately.

Scholarship Amount:

  1. Students can obtain a maximum amount of $1000 per semester.
  2. If the student makes satisfactory progress the grant is renewable.
  3. Students may receive a scholarship for upto eight consecutive semesters.

Admission Requirements:

  1. Bachelor’s Degree.
  2. Resident in New Mexico.
  3. The students must be attending a Public College in new Mexico or a University.
  4. The student should demonstrate the financial need as determined by the FAFSA also known as Free Application for Federal Student Aid.
  5. Cannot receive other government grants or scholarships.
  6. Register at least half-time.

New Mexico Student Incentive Grant (NMSIG)/Leveraging Educational Assistance Partnership (LEAP)

Just like other ENMU Financial Aids, the New Mexico Student Incentive Grant is there to support students with significant financial needs attending public colleges or universities.

Award Amount:

  • Award amount of NMSIG varies from $200 to $2,500 annualy.
  • Pro-rated awards are eligible for Part-time students.

Criteria for eligibility

  • Student should be an U.S. Citizen
  • The Student should be a New Mexico resident
  • Student must be an undergraduate
  • The Student must enroll at least half-time
  • Student must demonstrate genuine financial need

New Mexico Lottery Scholarship for eligibale New Mexico residents

If you are a New Mexico resident who is graduating from New Mexico public high school (or if you’re getting your GED) and enrolling full-time at ENMU in your first regular semester immediately after graduating from high school, you may qualify for this lottery scholarship.

Campus-Based Aid (Directly provided by the ENMU FInancial Aid grant office)

campus based aid

The following loan scemes are known as campus-based programs because they are administered and offered directly by the ENMU grant office at ENMU.

1. FSEOG, the abbreviation for The Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant.

2. Federal WorkStudy (FWS)

3. New Mexico WorkStudy (NMWS)

4. Federal Perkins Loan programs

ENMU Stafford Loans for students and ENMU PLUS Loans for parents

In addition to the Perkins loans, the ENMU Financial Aid administers the Federal Direct Stafford Loan Program. These programs consist of so-called Stafford loans which are for students and PLUS loans for parents.

Stafford Loans for students

Subsidized and unsubsidized loans are federal student loans for eligible students to cover the cost of a fouryear college or university, community college, or business, vocational, or technical school.

Who can obatain Direct Subsidized Loans?

These loans are available to undergraduate students who are in need of financial need.

How much can you borrow with Direct Subsidized loans?

ENMU determines the amount you can borrow with this loan, however, the loan amount may not exceed the student’s financial need.

Who is going to pay for the Direct Subsidized loan?

The Department of Education in the United States pays the interest on behalf of the student if the following criteria are met.

  • The student must be in school at least half-time
  • For the grace period (The first six months after the student leave school)
  • During a period of a postponement of loan payments known as period of deferment.

Who can get Direct Unsubsidized Loans under enmu financial aid?

These student loans are available to both undergraduate students and graduate students in ENMU. And the student does not have to there is describe their financial need.

How much can you borrow with direct Unsubsidized Loans ?

ENMU determines the amount a student can borrow based on their cost of attendance and other financial aid they receive.

Who will pay the interest of Direct Unsubsidized Loans ?

Note that the student is responsible for paying the interest of direct unsubsidized loans during all periods.

To check out the amount and the total interest that you have to pay, use this simple loan calculator.

Direct Plus Loans

The U.S. Department of Education lends Direct PLUS Loans to eligible parents. Also, Graduate or professional students are also eligible to receive this loan.

Note that this loan is known as parent loan when offered to parents and known as grad PLUS loan offered to professional students or graduates.

Quick overview of Direct PLUS Loans

The lender is the U.S. Department of Education.

Before granting the loan there will be a credit check. So there shouldn’t be a bad credit history unless you meet additional requirements.

The maximum PLUS loan amount you can receive is the difference between the cost of attendance which is determined by ENMU and other enmu financial aid received by the student.

Summery of Enmu Financial Aid

ENMU financial aid program consists of many student loan schemes. Most of the time the students don’t have to pay any interest fee or any repayment at all. This is really important for those students in need of some financial help for their precious education at ENMU!

To find out more information, to apply, and to contact ENMU please log into ENMU Official Page

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